What a Waste of Time!

Traffic JamCommuting is such a huge waste of time!  My commute in to work takes me 1/2 hour and my commute home is usually about 1 hour.  That’s 1 1/2 hours lost each day!  Not to mention the fact that it’s no fun sitting in rush hour traffic; it’s actually shocking how exhausted I am when I get home.

I definitely think I made a pretty big mistake!  I usually work from home as a computer programmer, but recently I took on a project that requires me to go into my client’s downtown office, every day!  I took the project because I like working with these guys, and I generally like the work that they have me doing.  It’s not the end of the world of course, because the project is only for 3 months.  The sad part is that these are the summer months in Calgary and good summer months are a rare commodity around here.

Find Incentive Wherever You Can!!!

The big thing I’ve learned from this is that commuting is a giant waste of time, and it completely goes against the 4-hour work week concept.  What I have gained from this experience is an extra drive to work on my niche sites and blogs. Now I just have to put that drive to good use.

Current State of Affairs

  • I created my 4-Hour Work Week blog – this site you’re currently looking at.
  • I joined the Niche Site Duel 2.0 Challenge – I’ve found my niche for this challenge and will be posting it in my NSD 2.0 section as well as on the SmartPassiveIncome.com blog where the challenge is being hosted.
  • My SEO Case Study – an attempt to create website traffic without manually creating backlinks.  I’ve got keywords picked out for this site as well, and will be posting more info regarding that site within my SEO Case Study section.
  • My first and only Squidoo Lens which was an attempt to drive traffic to my SEO Case Study – it is also home to my Big Backlink Debate which currently contains ony one entry, and that’s from me.

Next Steps

  • Build my Niche Site Dual 2.0 niche site.
  • Build my SEO Case Study niche site.  Since this niche site has a lot of affiliate products available I may incorporate a store component, but I’m not sure yet.  I’m also leaning towards an informational site structure as opposed to your typical blog.  By information site I mean a site where the menu divides the main topic into sub-topics and provides information for each of those sub-topics in separate areas.

For both sites I’ll be following a similar approach and documenting it in the respective sections of this 4-hour work week blog.

  • create my WordPress site/blog
    • decide on a WordPress theme
    • decide on a site slogan and graphics
    • add Google Analytics
    • verify site with Google Webmaster Tools
    • add Google Authorship code to site
  • prioritize my long-tail keywords
  • decide on a site structure – typical blog, typical informational site or maybe a review site?
  • write 3-5 articles
  • brainstorm unique & useful tools, services or resources for the niche – something to make the site stand out – be different from everyone else
  • find quality sites for my backlink strategy – ignored for the SEO Case Study site
  • place basic AdSense on the site
  • research monetization options including affiliate products, if any

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