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Turtles as a metaphore for Turtle PPC MarketingI am definitely spreading myself way too thin! Every time I turn around I seem to get lured away by something interesting in the internet marketing world. First it was NSD 2.0, then it was on-page SEO, and this time it’s pay-per-click marketing (PPC).

What Is PPC Marketing?

PPC or pay-per-click is an internet advertising model where the advertiser doesn’t actually pay for the ad unless someone clicks on it.  These PPC ads can be displayed in the search engine results pages, like Google and Bing, or they can be embedded in websites like with Google’s AdSense.  Here’s Wikipedia’s definition of PPC.

PPC Marketing is the process of marketing a website or product using PPC advertising.  Now, I have to be totally honest here, I know very little about PPC marketing.  In fact, I had quite a time just figuring out the relationship between PPC campaigns, ad groups, ads and keywords.  One thing I do know, or at least I’m getting to know, is keyword research.  And keyword research is ridiculously important when it comes to PPC marketing.  If your keywords closely match what the user is searching for then your ads are more likely to appear in the search results.  It’s similar in concept to the search engine optimization tips (SEO) used for on-page SEO, except now you are only optimizing a tiny ad.  Basically, you want to tie your PPC ads to relevant keywords and make sure your ads point to relevant products – give the user exactly what he/she is searching for.  The better that match is, the better you’ll do.

My Turtle PPC Marketing Adventure

Yup, I did it.  I’ve coined a phrase.  I’m calling my technique Turtle PPC Marketing.  I also could have called it Trickle PPC Marketing or the Lazy Man’s Approach to PPC Marketing, but I like turtles – they just plod along doing their thing.

Right now I’m just doing some experimenting with Bing Ads and Google AdWords since I had $25 coupons for each of those.  I’ve setup 3 PPC campaigns in Bing and 3 different ones in Google.  I basically found some products I would like to sell through some Affiliate Networks, then I did some thorough keyword research for those products.  I’ve setup all of my campaigns with a very low maximum cost-per-click and I’m only using exact match keywords.

My ads are receiving a lot of impressions which tells me that I’ve picked some good keywords. However, even though my ads are appearing in the search results quite often, my click-through rates (CTR) are terrible!  I know that the terrible CTR is mainly dependent on 2 factors – ad quality, so will users find it intriguing enough to click on, and bid price, if everyone else is bidding higher than me then they’ll be shown first.  I’ve done my best to create interesting ad text and taken my queues from the affiliate product descriptions and ad copy they provide.  As for the low bid price, that is a big part of my Turtle PPC Marketing tactic.  I want to keep costs low and slowly turn a profit with a maximum return on investment (ROI).  With the lower cost-per-click that I’m using, generally in the neighborhood of 5 cents max, my ad positions in the search results are between 3 and 6, as opposed to being near the top of the page.

What I’m most interested in now is how many of those clicks get converted into sales – my conversion rate.  With that in mind I’ll focus on giving the users what they’re looking for.  I’ll do that by fine tuning my ads and keywords to make the best match to the product I’m promoting.  So far I haven’t had any conversion, but I’ve only had 48 clicks across all 6 ad campaigns.   PPC marketing is definitely a lot of fun, and if I had a choice I’d prefer to earn an online living using PPC marketing as opposed to building blogs and niche sites.  It’s much less work :-)

Next Steps

Like I said earlier, I don’t really know much about PPC marketing.  So, my next steps will be to look into it a whole lot more.  There’s something called Quality Score that is quite intriguing since it apparently affects how Google will set your minimum bid requirements.

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