The Big Backlink Debate – Manually or Organically?

Today I created my first ever Squidoo Lens.  It centers around a project of mine called SEO Case Study.  In the project I attempt to rank on the first page of Google’s search results without actually hunting down and building backlinks (off-page SEO).  Instead, I’ll focus my time and efforts on doing keyword research, creating quality content and fine tuning my on-page SEO.  I’m calling this the organic approach to website traffic.  It implies that other sites will link to my pages (create backlinks for me) just by virtue of me having good content, good keyword research and rock solid on-page SEO.  Those last 2 will help my site get found in search results.  The page rank will increase as sites link to my pages – in theory of course. This is just an experiment, but I’m really hoping it works – I’d much rather use my time to do keyword research, build content and work on SEO rather than chase backlinks. We’ll see I guess.

Back to my first Squidoo Lens.  Building the lens took me a good, long day and a bit – over 10 hours.  Maybe I’m slow, but I sure put a lot of effort into doing it right so that Squidoo doesn’t lock my lens – a lens is a page with a single topic of focus.   I guess they’re really cracking down on the types of lenses and how they are built, so I followed their guidelines to the best of my ability.  That boiled down to a lot of time and effort.  I do have to say that Squidoo makes it easy for you. Their lens building tools are easy to use.

One of the features I built into my lens was a “debate“.  I pose the question about which backlink strategy is best – building backlinks manually, i.e. hunting them down and creating them by posting to various blogs and websites, or by creating good content and letting the backlinks come to you – creating them organically so to speak.  Content is king after all :-)The Big Backlink Debate

Now is your chance to express your opinion or just through in your 2 cents in The Big Backlink Debate on my Squidoo Lens.

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