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On-Page SEO Beats All Other Metrics!

I’m really starting to believe, and quite¬†emphatically at that, that On-Page SEO Beats All Other Metrics, hands down!¬† I’ve been studying the results of Market Samurai, Long Tail Pro and SEMRush until I’m blue in the face. I just haven’t been able to explain why sites with poor metrics can out place sites with great metrics in search engine results. The typical metrics I’m referring Read More →

Keyword Research – Market Samurai vs Long Tail Pro

When it comes to keyword research tools there are 2 that come to mind right away; Market Samurai and Long Tail Pro. Google’s AdWords Keyword tool is also very popular and powerful, but it requires a lot of supporting tools to gather all the information that the other 2 offer. So, for this post we’ll be focusing on Market Samurai and Long Tail Pro. As Read More →


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