My First Affiliate Store

Note: I’ll be postponing this effort while I participate in the Niche Site Duel 2.0 challenge.  In that challenge I will be building a site from scratch and learning a lot along the way.  Hopefully then I can come back on finish the site I originally mentioned in this post – and do it right :)

It is definitely a little premature to say I’ve done my first affiliate store, but at least I’ve started.  As I mentioned earlier I signed up with MochHost to host this blog along with some future sites, and I’ve been finding MochaHost to be really easy to use… until now.  I wanted to add a domain to my account for my new store so I went in to the admin interface, then to Register Domain – seemed logical enough.  I registered my domain name easily enough, but it didn’t appear anywhere in the admin interface afterward.  After a little hunting, and some frustration, I found out I had to attach it to a sub-domain off my main domain name – the domain name I used to signup with MochaHost.  Fair enough, just not straight forward enough.

Anyway, all is good now.  My new store is coming along nicely.  I should be releasing it within the next few days.  I just have to put in more content related to my keywords.  For keyword research I used Google’s Keyword Tool, set to exact matches.  I used the following formula:

  • Find keywords with at least 3000 local searches per month.
  • I ignored the competition column in this tool since it’s primarily related to pay-per-click advertising (PPC), or so I read somewhere on the web.  That definitely seems to be the case because  I came across some keywords with “low” competition that still showed more than 5 million matches when searching for my keyword, surround by quotes, in the regular Google search.
  • For competition I plugged my keywords surrounded by quotes into the regular Google search then looked for keywords with less than 20,000 matches – this was hard.

The whole process was pretty tedious, and the hardest part was coming up with keyword alternatives once I exhausted the examples given in the tool.  I plan on working on this some more, as well as researching it more.

That’s it for now!


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