Monthly Earnings

This is where I’ll post the results of my efforts. I’ll fully disclose my costs, time efforts, difficulty level and hopefully profit. I’ll break it down as much as possible for the sake of clarity.  And like I’ll hold nothing back – full disclosure of everything I’m doing.

Earnings for June 2013

Gross Earnings

$1.41  – AdSense from my health & fitness blog.  Woo Hoo!!!

$0.47  – Amazon Associate from my failed PPC Marketing attempt.  Another Woo Hoo!!!



$10.45  – 1 domain name purchase at MochaHost for my NSD 2.0 site


1.88 – 10.45 = –$8.57


Earnings for May 2013

Gross Earnings

Absolutely nothing! El Zippo! Nada! $0 – of course, it wasn’t a full month and it I am just getting started so I won’t let it get me down :-)


$98.65  – for 3 year hosting package and 1 free domain name at MochaHost

$20.90  – 2 domain name purchases at MochaHost – 1 for my SEO Case Study and 1 more for my first affiliate store which is currently on hold (I got a bit over excited there I think)


-98.65 – 20.90 = -$119.55

2 Thoughts on “Monthly Earnings

  1. Are you happy with the niche you selected for NSD2.0? I am frustrated and have yet to find one.

  2. Hi Steve, I am happy with the metrics of my keyword. It’s got 12,100 local exact monthly searches and a fairly positive competition matrix in both Long Tail Pro and Market Samurai. I was also able to come up with quite a few long tail keywords for articles. The biggest issues I’m having is actually coming up with content for the articles and coming up with ideas for monetization other than AdSense.

    I initially started by using Pat’s 7 passions, 7 problems and 7 fears (I actually used 10 of each). Then I used Google’s keyword research tool while logged in to a valid AdWords account – this gives you more results plus it gives you an Ad Group Ideas (beta) tab which groups certain keywords together. I found that helped me come up with more ideas to research. My NSD 2.0 keyword isn’t actually in any of my 7 passions, problems or fears, but I kept getting more unrelated ideas to research as I went along.

    Another thing I did to try to find ideas was set match type to exact. Then I’d put a couple closely related words in the search box, for example without the quotes: for sale, best deal, best price to find product related ideas. Or, search terms like where can I, where can you, where is the best to find things that people might be searching for. You can get different results by trying those, and other searches with the “Only show ideas closely related to my search terms” option checked or unchecked.

    It’s definitely not an easy process and it can be quite time consuming, but hang in there.

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