Day Two – Blogging is Fun!

Blogging is fun!  Or, at least, I’m still excited about it on day 2 :-)

Today I was planning on creating an affiliate store.  This involves researching unique products and coming up with a cool & original way to sell them.  While I didn’t actually create a site, I at least came up with an original idea, I think/hope.  I did manage to find some products I’d like to try selling.  Actually, I found 3 groups of related products.

So, now, I’ve got 3 stores to build – all revolving around a common theme.  For this first batch, I decided to go with high-ticket products from Amazon.  Amazon seemed like an easy, reliable approach with a good reputation.  I’m going to keep my product choices hidden until I finish the stores; which I’m hoping to do within the next couple days.  Once I’ve done one, the others should follow pretty quickly, right?!

After looking around for the easiest way to build a store with affiliate links, I’ve decided to go with WordPress along with some plugins.  The plugins were difficult to find.  In fact, I may still end up doing a little WordPress programming to get it exactly how I want it.  I’ve also decided to go with a hosting service other than  The reason for this is 2 fold – cost and flexibility.  This does mean a little more work, but not much when you compare the annual costs.

Day 2 Complete – time spent: a whopping 4 hours and 15 minutes!

  • Researched Store Platform – Decided on WordPress and some plugins.
  • Researched Hosting – Narrowed it down to 5 – I’ll post these tomorrow in a new resources page.
  • Researched Products – Decided on 3, all supplied by Amazon.  I’ll post the resources and methods I used to find these products tomorrow hopefully.


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