Day One – Create a Blog

I’m really doing this!  I’m creating a blog to keep track of my progress in my attempt to earn a living online.  Also, this blog should be the kick in the pants I need to keep motivated and on track.  From what I’ve heard there’s no better way to keep yourself true to your word than to make your intentions known to the public.

My first step in my Web Income journey will be to create a basic blog to give me the tools to track my progress and disclose my expenses, efforts and earnings – hopefully that last part will come quickly!  I’m modelling this blog along the lines of a site that I happened across by accident.  I don’t even remember how I got there.  The person who runs the Smart Passive Income (SPI) blog does exactly what I would like to do.  He makes money online and posts his earnings along with how he accomplished them.  We’re not affiliated in anyway and we don’t know each other at all.  It’s just a site that has inspired me enough to get started on this project.

Also included in my tasks for day one will be to research how to use blog trackback links to potentially get the word out there about my blog.  No sense creating a blog if no-one is going to read it.  ;-)

Finally, I’ll add a couple affiliate links to my About page for practice, and to be able to say I’ve at least started with affiliate linking.

Day 1 Complete – time spent: 3 hours and 15 minutes:

  • Created a blog.  It wasn’t quite as easy as I thought, but still nothing to crazy.  The difficulties came from the fact that I have no experience what so ever when it comes to blogs so I had to learn the terminology and figure out how to use WordPress.
  • Setup Amazon Associate account.  Very easy, and I even posted a couple affiliate links in my About page for good measure.
  • Researched trackback links for blog traffic.


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