Day Three – Oops, I got sidetracked by DropShipping

Today I was supposed to work on my first affiliate store but I got seriously sidetracked by DropShipping.  The sad part is, I wasn’t even planning on using DropShipping for my store!  If you’ll recall I had already picked out some affiliate products on Amazon.

How did this happen you ask?  Well, I was minding my own business researching which hosting provider I should use for my WordPress site when I inadvertently (on purpose) clicked on a DropShipping ad.  I got totally engrossed in the thought of wholesale prices, and selling my wares on Amazon and eBay.  It turns out, most DropShipping companies charge a hefty startup fee and/or a monthly fee just to use their services.  I dug around quite a bit and did come across some free DropShipping companies that looked quite interesting.

For some of the DropShippers listed in the resource page I looked for random products on eBay and Amazon.  I did manage to find quite a few so there would be direct competition with your prices.  In some cases, the prices on eBay and/or Amazon were lower than the wholesale prices!  Also, in a couple cases, from one particular DropShipping company a couple products got some pretty bad reviews.  Anyway, I plan on looking into this more so I’m not really sure were this will lead me.

Day 3 Complete – 5 1/2 hours!!!  This is actually cutting into my actual job.  I’m going to have to tone it down a little.

  • Researched hosting.  I decided on MochaHost.  They have a great 1/2 price-for-life sale on right now, or you can get a free domain name for life.  I’ll have to think about which one to go for.
  • Researched DropShipping.  I didn’t even mean to do this, but I definitely found it interesting.  I have a feeling I’ll be using this sometime down the road.


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