Lyle FredetteIn a nutshell this site will chronicle my attempt at earning a living online.  I will post all expenses, efforts (time & difficulty), and earnings online with full disclosure.  While there are many ways to try to make money on the web – blogging, drop shipping, affiliate links, making & selling your own product, etc. – I’m going to focus on promoting products with affiliate links since that sounds the easiest to me, and easy is good because hard is just so difficult.

My name is Lyle Fredette.  I am a programmer by trade and have a full-time job working from home.  I also have a beautiful wife and daughter that keep me very busy outside of work.  What this all means is that I don’t really have a lot of time for personal projects such as this one.  So, I’ll be lucky to put in a few hours a week.

I have never created a blog before, and I have never earned a penny from any kind of online money-making attempts.  In fact, I’ve only ever gotten as far as signing up for an affiliate program, never to post or promote a link anywhere.  I’ve only read a couple books regarding be-your-own-boss type work opportunities.  While the did inspire me at the time,  I never did follow through on any of them – until now!  The only books I’ve ever read are:

  • The 4-Hour Workweek – Incredibly inspirational!  This is an absolutely fantastic book.  It’s motivational, and it has a lot of great ideas & resources.
  • One Simple Idea – A great book with good ideas & info, but it didn’t suit my personality – pitching a product idea is just like face-to-face selling to me.
  • The Million-Dollar Idea in Everyone – Fairly inspirational, but I still didn’t come up with any million-dollar ideas.

Yes, those are affiliate links, and yes they are the first I’ve ever posted anywhere.

Well, here goes…  I hope you enjoy the blog.

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